Hey, I'm Claire


I help small business owners grow a sustainable, profitable business that meets the needs of their life, rather than taking over their life!!


With over 15 years experience in the accounting and finance industry, I have worked with A LOT of overwhelmed, overworked, "over it" business owners.  They feel uninspired by their business, tied down, their health has taken a back seat, their social life is non-existent; the "freedom" they sought when they switched from the 9-5 life to entrepreneurship is not at all what they expected; and every day is spent going through the motions, wishing, waiting and hoping for something to change.


I'm here to change that!


I'm here to reignite that passion that took them into business in the first place, to create balance, order, calm and control.


If you're looking for a guest on your podcast or a speaker at your next event or online summit, I would love to chat more to you.

🎙Real-Life Business Podcast🎙

I'm the host of the Real-Life Business Podcast where I share real-life stories, from real-life business owners, about the real-life stuff that goes on behind the scenes of running their business.

I aim to normalise the fact that noone has their shit 100% together, despite how it might look on their Instagram; and the sooner we focus the energy we waste on comparison and judgement, into our own business; the better we will be!


Things I love to talk about

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The best way to reach me is via email at: [email protected]