Real-Life Business

Real-Life Business

Hosted by: Claire Markwick

Hey, I'm, business coach, mum and now podcaster! If you're in business and like me, wear many different hats...this is the show for you! If you're looking for more time, more money, less stress,...


Ep25: 7 traits successful business owners share

Season #1 Episode #25

We mark the end of season one of the Real-Life Business podcast with a reflection on the key themes that have come through the conversations so far.  Join me, Claire Markwick as we go through the 7 traits successful...
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Ep24: Madhu Jeyakumaran: Leadership starts with self

Season #1 Episode #24

We could be forgiven for thinking the leadership is a corporate term, only relevant to large organisations; but that couldn’t be further from the truth.  How we show up, how we operate and the standards we set for...
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Ep23: Brie Jones: What do I want my business to be for me?

Season #1 Episode #23

There are many things we think about when we go into business or think about expanding; but perhaps one of the most important questions we should be asking, is one that can quite easily be overlooked.   This week I am...
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Ep22: Claudine Charles: Faith, resilience & opportunity in business

Season #1 Episode #22

In business there are many tools and systems that we can use to expand and grow.  Perhaps some of the most powerful are those we hold within us, and through times of adversity, we can find ourselves needing to call on...
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Ep21: Melissa Guller: Reducing the pressure of business

Season #1 Episode #21

Being in business for ourselves can be a wonderful thing; but there can also be a tremendous weight on our shoulders that can become overbearing if we’re not careful, which is why it is imperative to set ourselves up...
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Ep20: Joanne Holbrook: Building our capacity for business

Season #1 Episode #20

When Joanne started writing, her intention was to capture stories for her kids to look back on later in life; never did she believe she would be a published author across the globe, have an Audible edition of her book...
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Ep19: Bite-sized with Claire Markwick: how thoughts & beliefs affect our business

Season #1 Episode #19

Join Real-Life Business host, Claire Markwick for part 2 of this mini bite sized edition of the show where she talks focus…this week, how our thoughts and beliefs affect what is possible for our business.   This week...
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Ep18: Bite-sized with Claire Markwick: where focus goes, energy flows

Season #1 Episode #18

Join Real-Life Business host, Claire Markwick in this mini bite sized edition of the show where she talks focus…what it is, how we find it and how we keep it!   You may have seen the title of this week’s episode...
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Ep17: Stephanie Menere: Creating space in business

Season #1 Episode #17

As a business owner, we very often have a million and one things going round in our mind at any one time.  In this conversation, we chat about our success and growth being linked to our ability to quieten the noise...
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Ep16: Suzanne Chadwick: Being BOLD in Business

Season #1 Episode #16

The success of our business essentially comes down to something remarkably simple… what we choose to say YES to and what we choose to say NO to.Join me for an inspiring conversation this week as we discover how to...
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Ep15: Julia Woods: Managing Madness

Season #1 Episode #15

When our business grows exponentially, we can be fooled into thinking we need a system to manage our clients; but what if what we actually need, is a system to manage ourselves…   In this week’s episode, I am chatting...
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Ep14: Annabel Gonifas: Act as if you're already there

Season #1 Episode #14

In life and in business, we have a choice.  We can sit back and react to whatever “happens” complaining that we’re not where we want to be; or we can proactively decide what we want and steer ourselves in the...
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