Real-Life Business

Real-Life Business

Hosted by: Claire Markwick

Hey, I'm, business coach, mum and now podcaster! If you're in business and like me, wear many different hats...this is the show for you! If you're looking for more time, more money, less stress,...


Ep19: Bite-sized with Claire Markwick: how thoughts & beliefs affect our business

Season #1 Episode #19

Join Real-Life Business host, Claire Markwick for part 2 of this mini bite sized edition of the show where she talks focus…this week, how our thoughts and beliefs affect what is possible for our business.   This week...
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Ep18: Bite-sized with Claire Markwick: where focus goes, energy flows

Season #1 Episode #18

Join Real-Life Business host, Claire Markwick in this mini bite sized edition of the show where she talks focus…what it is, how we find it and how we keep it!   You may have seen the title of this week’s episode...
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Ep17: Stephanie Menere: Creating space in business

Season #1 Episode #17

As a business owner, we very often have a million and one things going round in our mind at any one time.  In this conversation, we chat about our success and growth being linked to our ability to quieten the noise...
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Ep16: Suzanne Chadwick: Being BOLD in Business

Season #1 Episode #16

The success of our business essentially comes down to something remarkably simple… what we choose to say YES to and what we choose to say NO to.Join me for an inspiring conversation this week as we discover how to...
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Ep15: Julia Woods: Managing Madness

Season #1 Episode #15

When our business grows exponentially, we can be fooled into thinking we need a system to manage our clients; but what if what we actually need, is a system to manage ourselves…   In this week’s episode, I am chatting...
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Ep14: Annabel Gonifas: Act as if you're already there

Season #1 Episode #14

In life and in business, we have a choice.  We can sit back and react to whatever “happens” complaining that we’re not where we want to be; or we can proactively decide what we want and steer ourselves in the...
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Ep13: Bite Sized with Claire Markwick: top 5 tips for managing our mindset

Season #1 Episode #13

Join Real-Life Business host, Claire Markwick in this special bite sized edition of the show where she shares her top 5 tips for managing our mindset to get through tough times without going crazy in the...
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Ep12: Melissa Judd: The mess of life IS life!

Season #1 Episode #12

There’s a common misconception that if we hustle hard enough, we will reach a point in our business where everything will suddenly fall into place, and we will reach that Zen state of calm enlightenment… this week’s...
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Ep11: Emma Moss: Just prove them wrong

Season #1 Episode #11

It can take tremendous courage to back out of a decision that everyone around you was so proud you made; and when that means switching from attending law school to serving coffee from a Kombi, that’s when pure...
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Ep10: Rachel Torrealba: From breakdown to breakthrough

Season #1 Episode #10

We all know the importance of looking after our wellbeing, yet there is a marked difference between knowing about it and actually doing it.  It took a breakdown for this weeks’ guest  to learn that lesson and she...
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Ep9: Nicole Dennis: Doing business on my terms

Season #1 Episode #9

In an era where hustling till we drop can be seen as the norm, it takes a strong mind to go against the grain and that is exactly what this week’s guest has done.  Creating a business and a lifestyle on HER...
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Ep8: Philippa Menere: Finding our flow in business

Season #1 Episode #8

There is no one size fits all approach to business, yet society creates these unwritten rules and definitions that we can feel bound by; or we judge ourselves against and that can lead us to feeling like a fraud.  In...
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