Ep16: Suzanne Chadwick: Being BOLD in Business

Season #1 Episode #16

The success of our business essentially comes down to something remarkably simple… what we choose to say YES to and what we choose to say NO to.Join me for an inspiring conversation this week as we discover how to BOLDLY move our business forward without burning out in the process.


Suz Chadwick is a BOLD Business, Branding & Speaker Coach, who works with her clients, taking their brand from basic biscuits to delectable ‘got to have' goodness.  With over 10 years as a brand consultant working with global brands as well as soloprenuers, Suz knows what it takes to create a business & personal brand that magnetises and stands out. 


In this conversation Suz shares her journey from HR in London to where she is now and talks about the hard but important lesson of “cleaning house” in our business to constantly ensure we are doing things that are both profitable and enjoyable.


Recognised as a Top 10 Branding Coach by Yahoo! Finance, Suz is the award winning author of Play Big, Brand Bold, host of the popular Brand Builder's Lab podcast and the creator of Brand Builder's Academy, The Amplify Mastermind and The Bold Speakers Collective.



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