Ep17: Stephanie Menere: Creating space in business

Season #1 Episode #17

As a business owner, we very often have a million and one things going round in our mind at any one time.  In this conversation, we chat about our success and growth being linked to our ability to quieten the noise and create some space. 


I’m chatting with Stephanie Menere, Chartered Accountant, cash specialist and founder of Penny School.  Stephanie knows from personal experience that the journey from employee to entrepreneur doesn’t always go to plan and she talks freely about getting carried away in her business and her experience of burnout.


She now starts every day with a swim in the ocean and a yoga practice and while we might not all be in a position to swim in the ocean daily; we talk about how we can all do SOMETHING to give ourselves some space for new ideas to blossom and grow.


Penny School creates a space for financial education that doesn’t feel stuffy, boring or intimidating; leaving business owners feeling empowered about their numbers and more able to focus on what they do best.Small business and helping others is Stephanie’s passion because of and even though, it challenges her every day!


In her spare time, Stephanie volunteers as the President of TreeProject; a not for profit organisation with the mission of revegetating Victoria and connecting the country and urban communities.


Get in touch with Stephanie:



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