Ep19: Bite-sized with Claire Markwick: how thoughts & beliefs affect our business

Season #1 Episode #19

Join Real-Life Business host, Claire Markwick for part 2 of this mini bite sized edition of the show where she talks focus…this week, how our thoughts and beliefs affect what is possible for our business.


This week we’re following on with part 2 of our chat about focus and how it affects our business (check out part 1 HERE).  Its important to have a plan to ensure we are doing things that move us in the direction of our goals; but it is even more important to ensure we have a healthy belief system supporting us to achieve them.


If this episode brings something up for you, you can reach out to Claire via email, get in touch over socials or book in for a complimentary business bouncing session and all the links are just down here!!  ⬇⬇


Claire is an accountant turned business coach, on a mission to support entrepreneurs to create a business that facilitates the lifestyle they want to lead. She teaches her clients to understand how they tick; how to get the most out of themselves and how to overcome the mental blocks holding them back. 


A mum of 2, Claire lives with her hubby, their wolfhound and their chooks in regional NSW and understands the delicate juggle of running a business with raising a family.



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