Ep20: Joanne Holbrook: Building our capacity for business

Season #1 Episode #20

When Joanne started writing, her intention was to capture stories for her kids to look back on later in life; never did she believe she would be a published author across the globe, have an Audible edition of her book and be the facilitator of an accompanying online course.


The last 2 years has been a whirlwind for Joanne, where she has had to continually stretch and reinvent herself into the businesswoman she is today; and amid it all, as if publishing a book and launching an online course were not enough; she and her family have moved across the globe from Australia to Hawaii. 


In this candid conversation, Joanne talks about how she was not born ready for everything she has accomplished; she has had to be curious, to ask questions, to learn and stretch and grow; and she has had to become comfortable not knowing how things are going to turn out.


Joanne is a mother of two and the wife of a United States Army Officer.  Born in South Africa and living half her life under the controlling Apartheid Government, she began to yearn for a better understanding of cultures outside her world.This experience, combined with the world travels that come with a military lifestyle, allowed Joanne to observe culture and parenting from multiple international perspectives and a broader point of view.


Joanne is an author, professional keynote speaker, parenting advocate and entrepreneur, who through her book and speaking events, shares parenting stories to help build positive, value-based families around the world. 


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