Ep23: Brie Jones: What do I want my business to be for me?

Season #1 Episode #23

There are many things we think about when we go into business or think about expanding; but perhaps one of the most important questions we should be asking, is one that can quite easily be overlooked.


This week I am chatting to Brie Jones, a certified intuitive coach who is passionate about teaching women to Awaken their Intuition so they can embrace their Wild Self!


Brie lives with her husband and 4 (soon to be 5) kids, on a farm in the Upper Murry in regional Victoria.   She chats about the challenges of home schooling her kids on the state border, staying focussed and the important questions she has to ask herself to ensure she is giving all she can to herself, her business and her family.


Brie enjoys the farm life, is a keen student, social butterfly, above average baker and absolute lover of sport and the great outdoors!  Through Brie’s trainings you are invited to come back to self through your exploring your intuition, exploring what limits you and the beliefs that keep you living the same habitual patterns. It is from this space that you can break our addictive need for approval and to truly live from a place of true empowerment.


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