Ep24: Madhu Jeyakumaran: Leadership starts with self

Season #1 Episode #24

We could be forgiven for thinking the leadership is a corporate term, only relevant to large organisations; but that couldn’t be further from the truth.  How we show up, how we operate and the standards we set for ourselves are just as, if not more important when we work for ourselves.


This week I am chatting to Madhu Jeyakumaran, leadership expert and the Director and Principal Consultant at Think Stride Coaching and Consulting. Madhu talks about her own internal leadership evolution and how, to grow her business, she had to grow herself and her thinking at the same time. 


Madhu helps fast-growing SMEs build inspiring leaders and high-performing cultures through executive coaching and leadership development programs.Her vision to make workplaces a place of inspiration rather than perspiration.


Previously she worked in organizations like PwC and HSBC Bank where she managed and led initiatives in the areas of Leadership development, and Culture Transformation.  She combines her experience in driving people-centric change in organizations, with her expertise in proven coaching methodologies, to help people & teams to shift their mindset, overcome obstacles and achieve desired outcomes.


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