Hello, I'm Claire Markwick.


A self proclaimed study addict and home workout nut!  Mum of 2, wife of 1, I live with my family, our wolfhound and the chooks on a property in the Goobarragandra Valley in regional NSW.

An accountant by profession, I spent almost 15 years working alongside hundreds of small businesses and within large organisations, before swapping numbers for people and starting my own coaching business. 

Real-Life Business was born out of a desire for something more.  I get what it's like to feel burnt out by your business and now I'm on a mission to support business owners to reignite that passion for what they do; and grow a business that meets the needs of their life, rather than taking over it!

My Story


I've always had this feeling deep down inside that I was destined for something more, I just didn't know what that SOMETHING was! 


When I went back to work as an accountant after having our boys, I felt lost...torn between my old corporate world; and the new world I found myself in as a mum.  This in between stage was scary for me because I have always been someone who likes to be in control; and it was this limbo state that marked the start my now 8 year long personal and professional development journey.

My mission for Real-Life Business is to create products and services, that together with a supportive online community, help business owners grow a sustainable, profitable business that meets the needs of their life, rather than taking over it!

We all have stuff going on behind the scenes and it's important to recoginise that while we need our business to do well to support us financially, there are so many other aspects of our life that need our attention in order for us to feel energised and fulfilled at the end of each day.


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Real-Life Business HUB

The Real-Life Business HUB is the place to be if you are curious about working with a business coach to support you to grow your business.

By becoming a member of the HUB, you will get access to a self-paced online curriculum, fortnightly Boardroom Zoom calls with me and other HUB members, monthly Expert Masterminds and a supportive online community.

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Reignite 1:1 Coaching

If you love the sound of the HUB but want more personalised support to develop yourself and expand your business, then working with me 1:1 could be just the thing.

You still get access to the HUB, the amazing content and supportive community, but you also benefit from regular 1:1 Zoom calls with me.

Sessions can be fortnightly or monthly so get in touch today to find out if this could be a fit for you.



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Do you wish you understood your numbers better?  Would you like to feel less anxious when it comes to your bills and financial obligations?

With a monthly "Know Your Numbers" review, you'll learn how to read your financial reports, how to track trends and how your numbers can help you make decisions in your business.

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